An inch at a time

My summer days are often spent in a whirlwind of kid things.  Prepping meals for bottomless stomach boys, board games, reading in the tree house, field trips to museums and parks, crafting and cleaning up from crafting, photo-taking amidst giggly silly faces, more food prep and a load of laundry here and there.

My summer nights are much the same.  Bike riding and walks in the cool evening, ice cream drips and impromptu obstacle course making… more photos, more giggly silly faces, more of life.  So, with that in mind, my mind cannot keep complex crochet patterns memorized.  Enter the granny stripe project!

I found this pattern from Lucy of Attic24 last year and thought “one day I’ll have patience for that”.  It’s not hard, just time consuming and sometimes boring if you sit and sit and sit at it.  My lack of time makes it perfect!  It is easy to set up and easy to pick up/put down whenever I want to.  I took every color of Cotton-Ease in my stash and made a pattern of not having a pattern and off my hook went.  I’m trying to do one stripe a day– two rows at about an inch or so.  By the time school starts, I should be mostly done with it.

Inch by inch it keeps me crafting during hectic days and nights with Em and Ro and Rob.  It’s what I have time for right now and that’s enough for me.

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