Napkins to be

After three days of steam ironing in between our summer crafting and field trips, I’ve finally finished prepping yards of awesome fabric!!  Linen, Cotton, Cotton/Linen blend … all washed, dried and ironed.  Woo hoo!

Now on to napkin making!  My last sets of napkins have lasted three years and I think they need to be replaced.  Plus, with Em and Ro attending a school that strives for “a zero percent trash lunch”, I wanted to make some little napkins to go in their lunches. 

I found the tan linen/cotton fabric underneath at Ikea in the clearance section… $1.00 a yard!  And, it is pretty nice fabric I must say.  This will be for embroidered napkins for everyday home use.  The super cool three fabrics on the top layer were a wonderful surprise gift for the boys from their Tutu Karen.  Notice how Ro is laying on the dining room table behind the fabric?  Yep, the car fabric he proclaimed to be his before I could even unfold it!  Em loves the super cute wolf and sheep fabric to the left so his school napkins will be made with that and I’m still pondering that wee awesome piece of robot fabric in the center.  (Click the photo for a larger view.)

Hopefully I will have pics up of the finished napkins next week… well, some of them anyway!

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