Mushy gushy post for my hubby

Rob with beanie and banjo

 I have asked my hubby many times if there was anything he would like me to crochet for him… scarf, sweater, hat, anything!  This sweetly easygoing man does not want much.  “Just a beanie would be fine… fitting close to my head.  Can you make that?”

So, I made him one.  I used the Simple Skateboarder Beanie by Chie O’Briant with Noro Kureyon.  He wore it!  He wore it often.  And then what happened?  It wasn’t accidentally washed and felted… at least that would still have been in the house… I lost it at Disneyland.  Me, my fault.  🙁  Sad face.

So, when I realized this, I went to my yarn stash to find another hubby worthy yarn.  I wanted a color uniquely him and also warm and soft.  (Noro may be pretty but soft it ain’t!)  Enter the gorgeous Madelinetosh Tosh DK yarn in Charcoal.  It’s washable for one and hand dyed in small batches for the pretty semi solid look I was wanting.

Since the pattern by Chie was written for a thicker yarn, I had to modify the pattern just slightly (notes in my projects on Ravelry) to compensate.  The end result you see above.  I love it and I think Rob does too.  Now, we just need our winters to be 30 degrees cooler so that I can make him a sweater!

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