A blue, kind of bowl-ish container… what can it be?
Mom look!  I can spin myself dizzy!  This is a spinning yourself silly ride Mom!  SPIN SPIN SPIN!!!
I’m a turtle.  This is my shell Momma, watch me! 
Big giggles and goofy remarks about a blue-shelled turtle ensue!
I’m a robot!  (makes beep    bop    boop noises) 
Zooming around the lawn with special effects… his  brother laughing and following closely behind. 
Watch me!  See!  Look!  Look what I can do!
We’ve had our Bilibo for forever it seems.  A sorting container.  A tunnel for trains.  It is nothing and everything.  It is whatever you want it to be.
I want it to be a fun and relaxing summer afternoon thing.  And it’s that too.
Happy Weekend.

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