Here comes the sun…

It’s supposed to be 101 degrees here today. YUCK! With the temps going into heat stroke levels, Em and Ro do not get to spend the majority of their day outside like they can during winter and spring.. and so we must make the most of our early mornings and evenings before the dessert sun rises high over the San Fernando Valley.

This morning, we’ve already danced to Oingo Boingo, made towers, ate breakfast, hung laundry to dry, crocheted, and ran through the sprinklers. And it’s only 10 a.m. as I begun to type this!!

The afternoon will be spent crafting indoors. I usually find awesome Crafts at: Unplug Your Kids, Kids Craft Weekly and The Crafty Crow. We have one more freezer paper stencil shirt to complete and then we’ll be tackling this weeks Unplug Your Kids theme: old. I have another cool project to recycle and reuse old broken crayons, so that will probably be tomorrow’s blog.

What do you do with your wee ones all day? Where do you find crafts? If anyone is interested, I can also do a blog on craft books… I’ve got quite more than my fair share I think.

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