Grand Canyon Trip!

After several smaller trips to adjust ourselves to being in the RV, we set out for a great trip across the beautiful Southwestern states.  Our first visit was to the Grand Canyon.  Our drive across California into Arizona was windy!  It was amazing though how quickly those hours went by though with fun things to keep us busy like several rounds of Uno, a car BINGO game we printed out ahead of time, lots of snacks, and lots of chatting.  Wilson, our Great Dane spent most of his time with his head on Rob’s lap– he is turning out to be quite the road dog!

Arriving at the Grand Canyon’s South entrance, we were greeted by mule deers everywhere.  Em and Ro loved looking out the window to see the grazing deer who seemed utterly unperturbed by the humans in their big boxes driving by.

Calm Mule Deer

We opted to buy a National Park Pass as we plan to visit several parks in the next year.  Fiscally, it made sense to spend the money on the pass and we had budgeted for this.  We went right in to the Mather Campground to check in and begin exploring.  The campground (site 114) was very clean but required a bit of finessing to get in and out of as there were trees on both sides of the site.

Parked and leveled, we our RV to stretch our legs and explore the campground.  The air was wonderfully chilly and crisp and we felt invigorated and excited about exploring the next day.  For the first evening, we stayed at the campground familiarizing ourselves with everything.

Grand Canyon

The next day dawned with light drizzle and utter quiet.  The campground was about 1/3 full and our neighbors (RV/trailer and tenters alike) were courteous and friendly.  We chose to drive down to the Grand Canyon rim.  It’s funny… I know how big the Grand Canyon is, but I’d forgotten how BIG it was!

Ro and Momma

Observing Mule Deer

Desert View Watchtower

Campground Review:

  • -$18 a night.  Drydocking only, with dump station and water fill-up in campground.  Water faucets nearby as well.
  • -Clean bathrooms spaced around with dish sinks outside also.
  • -Lots of roaming wildlife in campground, very calm but still wild of course.
  • -Fairly busy for mid-May but not sold out when we were there.  Tent, trailer, and RV campers alike.
  • -Excellent trail guide info., educational talks, etc. available all over.
  • -Easily park and walk/bus around the Canyon.

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