The Bread Spot

Finally, cooler temps are gracing our mornings in Southern California!  My kitchen window faces the rising sun and warms the kitchen up to uncomfortable baking conditions from June to October typically.  Most cooking these past months has been outside on the BBQ or in a crock pot with, sadly, very little quality baking lessons for Em and Ro.  And, very very little baking experimentation time for me.

Then, as if by magic, (which I equate my own earlier rising time with the ending of Daylight Savings Time really)  November comes around with her lovely morning chill and brings out my inner baker from hibernation.  With the boys still sleeping, I look through the pantry supplies, I pore over my baking books and find tasty inspiration on the pages of books by Peter Reinhart, Nancy Silverton, King Arthur Flour, and Alice Medrich to name a few!

The Bread SpotThe light streaming in in this photo was taken at 10:30 this morning, just as I had done my stretching and folding of a batch of San Francisco Sourdough from Peter Reinhart’s artisan breads every day.  With the angle of the sun hitting it at right place and without the searing summer heat, this spot is perfect for warm, slow rising bread to sit and bloom.  Bread bakers will understand my happiness at this as bread dough, particularly mine, is uber temperamental!  After this comes the cool down rising time in the fridge and tomorrow I’ll have lovely loaves for us to eat.

Trying to live, learn and adjust my baking based on the light and the seasons has been an ever evolving quest for me.  As my children grow older and want their own lessons in the kitchen, I work to make sure I have time for slow bread as well as quickie cookies and cakes.  Each baked good comes from our hearts, so this time of year is especially full of baked love!

Happy Thursday!!

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