Observing late summer in Southern California

Last week, Em, Ro, and I went for a few Observation Walks to try to find frogs for part of Em’s 5th grade science assignment.  Summer in Southern California (especially in a three year drought) leaves very little leeway for amphibian sighting!

Rather than call the days a loss, we decided to hike through Malibu Creek and see what was going on in the late summer season.


We found wee fish, crayfish, dragonflies, leaf bugs, and a few things I couldn’t identify.  Alas, no frogs.
Sadly, we also found quite a bit of litter (see above) in the creek as well.
After an hour of looking for frogs, we decided to take the hike towards the Malibu Creek visitor center and stop nearby with our picnic lunch.  As public school in Los Angeles is already underway, we had the place nearly all to ourselves.  We stopped many times along the trail to watch lizards sunning on the path, to listen to scrub jays chatting in the trees, to feel the dry brush, and to ponder the growing future tumbleweeds in the dry creek bed.  (we love tumbleweeds!)
Coming home, I decided that this trip was the perfect time to incorporate some art into our day.  So, out came the chalks and paper.  We had fun interpreting the late summer trees. It was a great end to our wonderful day!

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