Winding down and Ramping Up

If you were to set foot in our house, it would be clear that we are both winding down and ramping up for summer.

We are winding down our school year here with Em and Ro– finishing up the last tidbits of 4th and 2nd grade homeschool.

Final art lessons showcasing gardens intermixed with actual backyard garden planning and planting.

Freeform outdoor discovery taking over (and lengthening) the scheduled outdoor yoga lessons.

California history lessons have been slowly replaced with reading, snacking, and napping in the treehouse… and the lists of “summer to-do” items keeps piling up.  I especially love the simplicity of items to check off like “sleep in” and “make water balloons” mixed with things I never knew they wanted like “get a hamster” and “repaint the treehouse”.

I have several fun crafts planned for the coming weeks as well and hope to have those up and available soon.  I ordered a downloadable subscription from Corinna of Piddix to help challenge my crafting mojo (Piddix is where I got the bird and flower downloads to make my necklace tutorial— remember that?)  I also ordered a bunch of wood supplies from Casey’s Wood and have been slowly piling up other bits and bobs around the house.  Since Em and Ro switched from public to homeschool, our crafting time has increased and blossomed– it’s pretty messy and fun!

Lastly, my office/craft room will get a makeover in a big (to me) way this summer as well.  I hope to be able to share all of that here and help others with a room makeover on a budget.

Break time is over… back to school I go!  Happy Wednesday everyone.

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