A beautiful whirlwind – Under the Myrtle tree

Under the myrtle tree

Happy Wednesday readers, are you still with me?  We’ve been through a beautiful whirlwind here the many months I’ve been absent from CelticMommy.  Earlier this week, Em asked me if this blog still existed– and I showed him that yes, it was still out there in cyberspace, but quiet.  I said “We’ve been busy sweetie and I haven’t had time to write…” to which he replied:

“You should Momma… you need to write more.”

That evening, I sat in one of my customary outdoor spots watching as Em and Ro skated and biked and skateboarded and walked and ran and laughed the evening away.  I sat and thought about reviving this space.  And *if* I revived it, is it still what I want it to be?  Is it still what I am and what I like?  I’m still thinking about it.

So here I am with wise ideas from my ten year old.  (ten!!)  I am pretty sure that I’ll be back, but the when and the how and the what I’ll be back with is, undecided.  Until then, my days are being spent often under the Myrtle tree in our front yard.

I hope you have a great day!

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