PYO Berries

At the beginning of summer, Em and Ro came up with a list of 60+ things they had to do this summer.  Some of them are easy to do at home:  learning to set the table, making ice cream, make popsicle stick creations, paint t-shirts, etc.  Some of them are field trip type of activities:  stargazing at the park, hiking at Tree People, catching fireflies, picking berries at a farm…

Yesterday, we ticked off “picking berries at a farm”.  It was a beautifully overcast day, perfect for being out in the berry fields.  We quickly ate breakfast and made our way to Somis where the Underwood Family Farm is… just a few miles West of the San Fernando Valley.  We said hi to the sleepy goats and made our way to the back of the blueberry fields.

The bushes are netted to prevent the birds from eating the berries, but there were plenty to be had.  We passed just one other momma with her munchkins so we had the rows and rows of blueberry bushes pretty much to ourselves.  I loved the quiet way Em and Ro weaved in between the bushes commenting to each other that this bush was the best so far.  No, it’s this bush, really.  No, this one!

After blueberry satisfaction was had, we made our way to the raspberries.  “Wow Mom, it’s like we’re in another world here… I can’t hear anything above the buzzing of the bees!!  Incredible!”,  Em exclaimed.  And it was.  Ro talked low and slow to each bee he passed “enjoy the raspberries little bees… here’s a pretty flower for you.”  (Can you spot the bees in the below photo?  It will enlarge if you click on it.)


Despite being close to the highway, it was quiet and relaxing.  Em and Ro contemplated each berry they picked.  The rich perfume of flowers and ripe fruit kept us grinning throughout the morning experience.  Eventually, we had enough berries and made our way back towards the farm market to buy our pickings.

I can’t wait to go back in a month or so for the blackberries and to grab a jar of the local farm honey.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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