At the Nursery

In the San Fernando Valley, nurseries follow the power lines near Wilbur Avenue (and sometimes the storm drains) North-South, from Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana, up through Reseda and Northridge before veering right near the railroad tracks above Plummer Street.  The power lines and the nurseries continue up a Northeasterly path into Granada Hills before making a sharp right following along the 118 Freeway.  If we’ve ever needed plants, these are often the places to look for Valley homeowners seeking decent prices and good advice on what can survive the 110 degree summer days.

This past weekend, Rob, Em, Ro and I took a trip to one such nursery that had been recommended by friends for good plants and good advice.  While Rob talked plants with an employee, the boys and I went back and forth looking at baby fruit trees, admiring backyard chicken coops that butted up against the nursery, found treasures, followed butterflies, and got dusty.

Bees were lazily flittering about between lavender bushes and, nearby, a baby goat laid in the shade near its’ momma trying to beat the heat.

To beat the heat ourselves, we followed the section specified for shaded plants for a bit.  The collection of pallets that made up the floor were sun bleached but strong.

Rob called me over to confer about plants… we bought a few varieties of lavender, more bushes, a fast growing vine for a sun wall and headed home.  Soon I’ll have progress pics.

Incidentally, I have not forgotten about my promise of a meal done entirely on the BBQ… we had a few last-minute dinner dates with family.  So, watch for the BBQ post this week.
Happy Monday Everyone!  -Hettie

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