Phone photos and pinning

Happy Summer!

I’ve been quite neglectful of this sacred space of mine.  This past year has really knocked me for more of a loop than I realized and many changes have taken place.  When I went to look for photos to prove that I’m still around and a crafting/teaching momma, I was hard pressed to find “photographic proof”!  My poor camera has been neglected too as the ease of my cell phone is more readily available.  A lot of time has been sucked into the addiction known as Pinterest as I search for supplemental schooling lessons for Em and Ro in between pinning nifty crafting ideas and ogling the dessert photos.  Are you on there?  What do you love about Pinterest?  Do you actually do any of the things you Pin or do you use it as more of an idea board?

In between cello practice, reading together, and making things together, I did manage to snap some shots on my phone of things we’ve made (via Pinterest tutorials or other places).  Links to tutorials are below if I have them.  (My apologies for photo quality!)

 Rosemary and Cacao Hair Rinse via Mountain Rose Herbs.  Em and Ro use the Chamomile Rose Rinse on the same page.  We’ve been rinsing rather than shampooing for about eight or nine months now so I’ve gone through many rinse recipes and find these are the ones I gravitate to over and over again.

 Copy Cat Lip Balm from The Art of Homemaking.  My tubes, tins and most supplies are from Mountain Rose.  This batch should last until about Christmas maybe with the uncolored ones for Em and Ro (Rob does not use lip balm) and the pinky ones for me.

Are you sensing a pattern yet?  I’m going to be talking about it soon– our changes to a more natural pantry and such.  But for now, I hope the links will suffice.  My latest batch of healing salve that is, (in my second batch opinion) better than Neosporin.  The recipe is from Katie of WellnessMama.  I keep a small one in my purse with my aid kit, a big one in the fridge for big scrapes (the coolness is unbelievably calming as well as healing) and the rest are in a cool storage spot.  With active boys, this batch ought to last ’til January I think.  We use the salve for massaging dry skin as well.

The last Home Spa thing I promise.  Ro and I made these yesterday.  Bath Fizzies that I do not have a finished photo of.  There are oodles of recipes out there and I seem to have misplaced mine but I will find it if anyone asks.

Lastly, a photo of where I spend most of my time… resting with the boys and researching this and that.  If you look closely, you’ll see my camera parked on the blanket (another thing I forgot to blog about) and the shadow shows me using my phone to snap this pic!  Too funny…

I’m trying to have a bit of me time to keep CelticMommy up and running and I know it’s been sporadic.  So many things continue to happen and come up that writing sits on the proverbial back burner.  I miss it and I truly hope to get back to it more often.  Until next time, pop on over to my Pinterest and see what I’m probably prepping for you to read about on here.  🙂

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and a great summer so far!

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