Returning to the indoor kitchen

With my industrial-strength exhaust fan at the ready, I returned to my kitchen today for an all-indoor-made meal.  My cheeks are still pink from the heat of pots and pans… and technically it is nowhere near cool enough to have made such a meal, but made it I did.

Living in the hot San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, most of our June – September meals are made partially or wholly outside on the grill.  In addition to the grill, I have one burner, 3 square feet of prep space and no running water out there… not to mention the 100 degree heat, but cooking outside keeps the heat out there rather than in our house.  Cool salads and raw fruits & veggies take many center stages in these summer months– I almost stop baking altogether as well unless I bake in the early early hours before Em and Ro are awake.

Well today, the urge to cook inside could not be ignored.  I gave my pork a pounding and an afternoon buttermilk bath and prepped away.  Hot pasta, hot tomato sauce, warming oven… oof, and pork parmesan!  I’m still dehydrated from the heat.  But I’m smiling.  Tomorrow we will return to the outdoor grill (for pizzas!) but tonight, I cooked indoors.

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