Garden Stages

Psst…  Yes little tomatoes I see you there, hanging down beyond your fence!

Welcome to our home sweet onions, I have a dinner date planned with you in mind.

Hello pretty berries!  You are looking rather yummy today.

I’m talking to my garden.  The days are long and dry and hot and this makes the garden talk back to us.  We have more tomatoes than I expected, onions harvesting quicker than expected, more berries than expected and a few plants unexpectedly returning for another season.  It may be a small garden, but it gives away its goodies in stages, making them last. 

The sleepy quietness here at CelticMommy is coming to a close.  I have much to share with you and a moving date coming up soon!  Recipes, crafts, links and more all showing up ahead.  🙂

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