Garden progress

So I was outside watering yesterday and saw something red peeping out from one of my plants…

already! There are several green ones too… this strawberry is the size of a quarter maybe…? Now that the lettuce is netted and protected from birds, they are growing quickly! Tomatoes are looking good, raspberry canes are leafing (is that the right term?) and the blackberries are still bare. That’s okay… I know they’re a long term investment.

The boys are super excited and love coming out to check the progress of the plants each morning. Each has a set of gloves and wee watering cans.

This weekend was a also a planting new and relocating existing shrubs one. Here’s Ro proudly holding on to one of our new Sweet Pea bush/trees. The blueish purple Felicia Daisy plants to his right are being planted as a hedge.

That’s it for now! Are you planting anything this season? And if yes, what?

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