Halloween Indoor Decoration Inspiration

Since my front yard is taken over every year as an over-the-top fun filled fake cemetery, I keep my indoor decor pretty minimal.  Last year, we added the googly eye framed skeleton.  This year I have two more items to show you.  Both were pretty quick and made with supplies I had on hand making them free projects!!  If these inspire you to create your own decor and you do not have supplies on hand, they can be made for under $15 for both.  While these are not tutorials per se, I hope they will give you some ideas to make your home hauntingly happy.

The Nevermore art.

I found a plaque many months ago for seventy-five cents at my local Goodwill similar to this one from Casey’s Wood.  I painted over the faded floral image with orange acrylic craft paint and let it dry overnight.  Then, I found a photo online of a raven silhouette and freehand painted this on as best as I could.  I added the “Nevermore” based on a font I found it Word, but it just looked too clean, so I mussed it and the sides up a bit.  Done and done!

The Spiderweb frame.

While waiting for the orange paint to dry in the Nevermore art, I spotted an open wooden frame I bought a long long loooong time ago for some project.  I slapped a coat of black acrylic paint on that and glittered it up.  Next, I found a free pattern for a spiderweb on the Crochet N More website and modified it to fit my frame.  Ravelry notes here.  Then, I soaked the finished web and stretched it to the edges of the frame, stapling it to the back of the frame while the web was still wet.  For a finishing touch, I placed a rubber spider that I glittered last year on the web and called it a success.

What fun projects have you done for Halloween this season?  If you link to your photos or blog, I promise to pop by for a peek.

Have a great weekend!

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