Googly Eye Skull Tutorial

If any of you follow my Pinterest boards, you may have seen my pin of the very very cool Googly Eye Skeleton.  Well, it was just too cool to leave as a pin on my Halloween board, I had to make one!

First, I found the photo that I think inspired the original googly eye creation and printed that out.  At my local hobby store, I grabbed several packets of adhesive googly eyes in various sizes and large black construction paper.

Using a sharp pencil (or pen), I traced around the skull printout, pressing hard to make an imprint onto the construction paper below.  From there, I laid out small, medium, large and xlarge googly eyes, shaping the outline and details like the sockets, jawline and teeth as I went along using the photo to refer back to.  One note of warning, getting the googly eyes off of the adhesive backing took a toll on my thin nails– don’t do this project with a pretty new manicure.  This video shows how I did it.  No music, but it’s fun to watch!

When I was done, I put my googly eyed skull in a frame I had on hand.  Take care not to smoosh the googly eyes against the glass when securing the frame backing.  The whole project cost about $18 — mostly for googly eyes.  How many times can I type those two words in one tutorial?!

In the rush of the season, I did not get many “done” photos, but here is one of the skull in the background of a photo I took of my zombie husband so you can see the size I made… just to the left of his reaching arm.

Happy Halloween!!

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