In the speedy season

Where have the weeks gone?!  It literally seems like just yesterday that I was planning for Halloween and we are now less than a week until Thanksgiving, goodness me!

The shorter daylight hours seem to be speeding by with scheduled and unscheduled activities.  Homemade batches of muffins and cookies fill air with their butter and spices… handmade drawings and kiddo-invention schematics fill the refrigerator doors…  piles of books on every subject congregate on every desk, table, chair, bed and floor… music, from bluegrass to classical to trip hop wafts around the house at almost all hours of the day.  It is a calm insanity if such a thing is possible!
Below is a quick photo of the breaking in of our new craft tablecloth– the old one having finally ripped under the pressure of the weight of pounds of pumpkin innards.  Cardstock leaves globbed with paint and smooshed together… perfect for the season!  These will mostly be used by Em and Ro to write the names of our Thanksgiving guests on as seating cards.  But, I think I will have to dangle a few in the kitchen window as well. If you remember from last year, we are big into trees so this adds to our autumnal nature theme.
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

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