Spideriffic Welcome Banner

While wandering around Michael’s a few weeks ago, I came across some cute, thin wood spiders.  I thought they would be perfect for making a little welcome sign to put on the front door.  And, at $ .20 a spider, it’s economical too!  So, here’s how I did it in an afternoon.

I took the wood spiders and painted both sides with a flat black acrylic paint I had on hand and let them dry for about 30 minutes.  The thin wood soaked the paint up quickly.

Using a green paint I also had in the house, I started to paint the letters on, but it looked a little boring.  Glitter to the rescue!  While the paint was still wet, I applied the glitter directly on top and let the spiders dry.

Once all the letters were done, I lined them up on a piece of plastic wrap and glued each spider to a long strip of ribbon.  Since the spiders are so light, I put a little rock on top of each spider to weight it down while the glue dried.  Once dry, I looped the top section of ribbon so I could hang it on a nail.  An hour later, it was on my front door!  A fun and fast decoration for the cost of just the seven spiders:  $1.40!!  Everything else I had on hand.  We also bought a bunch of wooden pumpkins, ghosties and witches hats, but that’s a craft for another day.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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